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Many people express their wish, when the hard time of their death will occur, to get buried in their homeland, the place they were born and they had spent a big part of their lives and therefore has a significant meaning for themselves. We understand what an emotional and confusing time it is, when a family member, a relative or a friend dies. When this unpleasant situation occurs, we show respect towards to the dead person’s and his family desires and we undertake the responsibility to accomplish the difficult part of repatriation. We discharge you from this hard procedure by organising and accomplishing the transport or the repatriation of your beloved person’s body with luxury vehicles – hearses from our fleet.

Transport within Greece

We undertake the transport of the deceased’s body towards any region of Greece (mainland and island regions), following all the necessary procedures. After we receive the body, we place it in refrigerated cabinets until the departure, while we take care and organise the transport with much respect and with due regard to the deceased person. We attend the issuing of the certificate, all the relevant permits and all the required documents.

Repatriation from/to Greece

Regarding to people who died far from their homelands and they had wished get buried in their country, our funeral home has long experience in making arrangements of the repatriation and we are able to organise repatriations to Greece and from Greece abroad (Balkan, Eastern, European and any other countries across the globe). Complying with the regulations of World Health Organization and the European Union, with discretion, respect and compassion, we accomplish a safe transport of your beloved person’s body.
We undertake the receipt of the deceased from any airport and transport to any cemetery across Greece. In case family lives abroad and wants attending the burial ceremony, we are able to arrange body’s stay to mortuary.

For the repatriation from Greece abroad, we follow the procedures below:
  • We attend for the issue of the confirmation of death, the authorization for International Transport Licence and all the additional permits are necessary for the body’s transport. Also passport and death certificate are required
  • The body is mummified by the coroner
  • We translate all the required documents at Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the embassy here of the destination country
  • The coffin is being packed and sealed. Police or embassy representative is required , depending on the destination country
  • Finally we proceed to the transfer within Athens with hearse, following all the legal procedures. We deliver the body to the transport company which has agreed to do the body’s transport

In any case and according to our long experience, we are able to offer you the personal service and attention required with discretion and respect to the deceased person’s memory and his family to alleviate any worry and concern.